by Volition

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We all end up in ditches, or the inside of a bodybag.
This nation's run by riches, while I fucking rot in rags.
Stand and salute, Stand absolute.

I pledge allegiance to the red, white and blue.
A more perfect union for me and you.

Fall in line like the rest, with a gun to my head,
A hand on my chest and a knife in my back.

Pledge my allegiance to the flag, the only one that will ever stand.

Stand before those who kneel,
Upon a foundation rooted in false ideals.

Failure is second nature when your worth is ruled out by paper.
Grown weak, I've grown weak.
Light escapes my eyes.

Gasping for air.
And now its clear to me its not safe anywhere
Despite the scars I wear, I have nothing to show.
But my empty pockets and broken bones.
It's just the way it works. Its what i call home.
I'm forced to follow and never stray.
Swept beneath and I'm fucking betrayed.

And now I clearly see,
It's all clear to me


There's no point in trying.
Cuz I can never win.
There's no point in trying.
Defeat will creep it's way in.
There's no point in trying, cuz I can never win.

So I will pray
To an empty sky, a sky that's gray
For the fucking day without leaders or slaves.

Cuz we all die the same,
Just faces to names.
We stand by and wait to fill vacant graves.

No Leaders \\ No Slaves


released October 7, 2014
Eli Martinez- Vocals
Noah Jones- Guitar/Vocals
Nolan Kiliszewski- Guitar
Christian Bartell- Bass
Joshua Joray- Drums

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering by Sam Bottner



all rights reserved


Volition Chicago, Illinois

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